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These are the most common questions we see. Please feel free to contact us if your answer is not here!

How much does solar energy cost?

Installing your solar system is free for homeowners who are eligible for the government tax credit. That's not to say, however, that the entire system is free.

With free install and setup families just end up paying a lot less every month, via financing, until the rest of the system is paid. These monthly payments just come in a lot less than utility bills, and that's where homeowners find it worth it.

How much can I save by going solar?

Generally homeowners save 15% to 20%.

Once the system is installed for no cost to the homeowner, all that happens is they pay a lot less per month to have solar power their home. The great news is you're also avoiding inflation from your utility companies, which means even more savings!

Will I have a power bill?

Your utility company will still send you a monthly charge that consists of the connection fee (this is generally between $5 and $10). Unless you opt to purchase a battery to store your power you will still be tied to the power grid.

What happens if my panel or roof is damaged?

Our contractors provide a 25-year warranty on the panels. Which means if your solar panel is damaged, we will come out and replace it. We also carry a 10-year workmanship warranty on anything we touch. If our team damages your roof in any way, we will either fix the damage or replace your roof.

We must also have your roof inspected before and after the installation to make sure that you are protected as a homeowner.

What is the process for going solar?

The first step of the process of going solar is contacting Solar Ally. At a time that works for you, an engineering consultant from our company will come to your home. They will assess the state of your house and tell you if you are a good candidate. What’s more, they’ll answer all your questions about solar energy and tell you how much money you can save. The process of assessment doesn’t take more than twenty minutes.

Our company will take care of everything, from the interconnection application to the inspections, permits, and approvals. The whole process can take anywhere from two to four months. Keep in mind, it's our responsibility to make this transition as seamless as possible for you. It's our job to provide you a hassle-free solar system.

Is my home right for solar?

Unfortunately, not every household is a good candidate for going solar. There are many factors to consider before making the transition. Some of them are the orientation of your roof, the amount of available shade, and how much electricity you and your family use.

If you are interested in switching to solar energy, you can contact Solar Ally today. Our representative will come to your house and help decide whether you can make this transition. In addition, our team will help you calculate the savings you can expect from going solar and work hard to design a system that is perfect for your home.

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